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Police on North West are monitoring the situation after violent protest action in Coligny North west erupted last week.

The police’s Sabata Mokgwabone says a bottle store was looted and pupils removed from school in order to join the protest.

“Unfortunately members of the community looted a bottle store.  According to information we have the protesters also removed pupils from classes so they can join the protest. At the moment police are monitoring the situation” says Mokgwabone.

Mokgwabone says residents are unhappy, after a minor died when he fell from a vehicle driven by a local farmer.

“The protest allegedly led to an incident in which a 12-year-old minor alighted from a moving vehicle last week Thursday. The vehicle was reportedly driven by a farmer from the area. The minor died later in hospital. We will take serious action against people who are disrespecting the rule of law. We also want to urge protesters to voice their dissatisfaction within the frame work of the law,” he says.

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