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Montclare outreach

Old age home

12 August 2017


On the 12th of August 2017 Motivation 4 All NPC has embarked on the start of for filling the needs and wishes of the old age home in Montclare, west of Johannesburg. This is only one of the four identified old age homes that Motivation 4 All NPC has identified as their primary concerns at this point. In conjunction with their supporters and contributors ( God’s Outreach Warrior’s, Lewe in Christus Pinkster Bediening and Mikes Kitchen Florida Glen)

The aim of this campaign:

We would like to assist the senior citizens with all the things that would make their lives easier said Adele Beukes of Motivation 4 All, she added that this campaign has tremendous support from the groups mentioned before and has really improved life for these heros from the past.

With our last visit to the old age home, the seniors informed us that they have problems getting to and back from church, We contacted God’s Warriors, Pastor Cornelius Van Der Merwe and Lewe in Christus, Pastor Joe Kruger and informed them of the problem that was risen by the elderly.

Without any hesitation they got their arrangements in gear and we had our first Saturday service for the elderly in the grounds of the old age home.

Mikes Kitchen were approached and sponsored curry and rice for all the residents of the old age home.

Here is some of the photos taken during the service

Some of the elderly listening to Life coach Adele doing some announcements

Pastor Joe Kruger Adressing the elderley while the volunteuring ladies are serving the elderley with curry and rice


These were our volunteurs that were present to help and serve our grand parents

Pastor Cornelius and Pastor Joe performed prayers.


These were our volunteurs that were present to help and serve our grand parents

 AdeleBelindaPastoor CorneuliusHantie Pastoor JoeJoey JustinNadine Seun TaniquaLuqmaan

We would like to thank you all for your dedication and hard work

Although this was a huge success and the elderly enjoyed the service and the interaction with the younger people that were present, there are still a huge shortage of everyday household items, food and other services that would make life easier for our elderly in the old age homes.

If you would like to become part of this cause or have anything to donate towards improving the standard of living of the grand parents of these old age homes, please contact us or just click the donate now button. Thank you for your time to have read this post.

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