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Police Contact Numbers

Police Emergency Services (Flying Squad) 10111, 011 986 9000/ 9151
Serious and Violent Crime (Murder and Robbery) 011 986 9000
Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offence Unit 011 982 7774
Public Order Police 011 986 9000
Fraud Unit 011 932 0040
Crime Intelligence Unit 011 986 9498
Criminal Record Centre 011 986 9000
SANAB 011 932 0040
Vehicle Identification Unit 011 986 9000
Dog Unit 011 986 9000
Greater Soweto Crime Prevention Unit 011 982 1008/ 9
Mobile Unit New Canada 011 473 1126

This is not a emergency service!

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South Africa’s trusted tip-off service since 1992.
In two decades the anonymity of not even one informer has been compromised.
We all have a responsibility to make South Africa safer
for our children and every law-abiding citizen.
If you have information that can assist in exposing people
involved in illegal activities, please contact us anonymously when you know:


Remember, the detectives are keen to follow up your information. Please give as many details as possible.